Business Planning The Need For A Business Plan

You may have a complete picture of your business in your head, but investors and bankers need to see that you have thought it through and you really have an understanding of the business.

Anybody about to start a business will have already been told that a business plan is of utmost importance. Once done, the entrepreneur sees things from a new perspective and has a clearer vision of any risks. The plan is not only for banks and investors but also gives you a blueprint of how to succeed in business.

However, many entrepreneurs find that writing a complete business plan is a long and daunting task.

SBS Associates have helped entrepreneurs at start up and in those crucial early stages to customise and prepare business plans that can be presented to banks and investors.

With our help we can guide you step by step through the process of preparing a clear and concise business plan. Your business plan will also provide strategic and financial information. If necessary we will use our network of legal, financial, marketing and technology experts to help you construct a compelling business plan.

Cash Flow Forecast & Projected Accounts

To run your business from day to day without a vision of the future is not the way forward! Proper planning requires you to look at future profit and cash flow projections.

Cash flow projections that are created each month or quarter allow business owners to be more confident about how they direct their businesses. For example if an early projection reveals that the expected year end will actually be greater than anticipated then plenty of time will be allowed to take advantage of tax planning opportunities. On the other hand, if a dip in cash flow is projected then it will be a good time to enter into negotiations with the bank to obtain temporary cash, rather than wait until everything goes pear shaped.

Projected profits, or indeed losses, may vary between different departments or products. In this case they can be split out and their individual performance highlighted. This allows evasive action to be taken as necessary, implemented in good time and. properly planned.

Business owners with good profit and cash flow projections enjoy a ‘no surprises’ way of working. A small fee which allows us to provide you with an accurate vision of the future is a worthwhile investment in reducing your stress levels!

AAT Licensed Accountant

P S Alagaratnam is licensed and regulated by AAT under Licence Number 1000171.